Medicas Health


We are now embarking on clinical research with the National Institute of Health Research.  We will have a dedicated research nurse who will be reviewing research opportunities to see if patients with the relevant conditions can be recruited into local and national projects.

Many research projects rely on patient participation to advance medicine and make improvements to healthcare.  If you are approached about a possible study, our research nurse will give you all the necessary information and will be your main contact.

Anneka Masih has recently joined us to lead on this project and will be our liaison and lead nurse for all research studies.  Dr Chris Davies will oversee all research studies as the lead director.

Hi, my name is Anneka and I have recently joined the research team. My background includes me working as a registered nurse in hospitals across London, specialising in critical care and living the busy London lifestyle. I am really excited to be working across Buckingham and all the neighbouring villages and to be able to offer my services. Along with my clinical experience, I have now completed my Masters in Nursing and will be applying this into my new role as a research nurse practitioner. I will be here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I look forward to helping make a difference in the community.